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Microsoft .NET




Client: Valdez y Cia

Skills: Intranet

UnSiglo, Valdez y Cia.'s financial tool, allows customers to buy livestock. Developed software, manages customer-company accounts, and allows customers to access their information.

Client: IBM, Petrobras, Pertilco

Skills: Leap and Microsoft Kinect Applications

Make Software’s creative team designs and develops solutions for your company using innovative NUI technologies. Please write us to get more information about our experience in this area.

Client: Al Norte

Skills: CRM, ERP

Al Norte Ltda. laboratories is a company that is making huge investments in the IT area. Their objective is to lead the automation in his Industry and to optimize their internal processes. Visit their main site to know more about their company.

Client: Valdez y Cia.

Skills: CRM, ERP, Sell Systems

Valdez y Cia. is a 100 year company, that is always looking for new challenges to continue improving customer relationships. Visit their main site to know more about their company and services.

Client: Agroclaro

Agroclaro is a consulting company that can help improve your farm strategic decisions. For more information, please do not hesitate to visit their website.

Our Clients


Make Software works with cutting-edge technology to develop mobile apps for multiple platforms. Based on your needs, we give the best solution for your business or project. To add more value, we create user friendly applications. Our team is highly trained to Develop Mobile Applications either in native-code for iOS and Android. In order to manage the business, customised and on the shelf ERPs and CRMs software installed by our company, helps you to take better decisions on time for the company. When fast answers are required, on site Senior Developers can help complete your team members. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mobile Apps


Web & Business





Make Software offers a wide range of ERPs which will help you to understand and take control about where you are spending more resources. ERPs also help to know the profit of each business unit. They transform your business, making you and your managers have a better understanding of it. Make Software can also integrate your actual systems with our ERPs.
Offering synchronized reporting and automation, they help you to understand and take control of your resources, without forcing employees to maintain separate spreadsheets or systems.
Billing, Sales, Operation, Persons, Vehicles and other Resources can automatically be controlled to make them work more effective.
We developed Customized ERP platforms for:
+CRM, Team Selling, Billing  and Marketing ERP.
+Human Analysis Laboratories.
+Animal Analysis Laboratories.

Odoo - Open Source Based ERP
Make Software installs and customises Odoo platform, starting from basic Odoo ERP.
Available Modules
+Customer Relationship Management
+Project Management
+Sell Management
+Billing Management
+Employee Management (Holidays, Absence, Timesheets, Attendances, and others).
+HHRR Recruitment
+Vehicle Expenses and Income management
+Repair Management

Odoo - Vehicle Management
+Special edition for Vehicle Expenses and Income management
+Repair Management


Make Software's innovative team is always one step forward, thinking about your needs. We recently incorporated three different products to our stock:

  • Software for Analytical Laboratories.
  • Laboratory Simulator - Education and Evaluation System.
  • UAV / Drones (Planes and NCopters).

 GAIN: Software for Laboratories

GAIN helps your lab to:
  • Improve the amount of work.
  • Increase productivity rates.
  • Avoid mistake propagation and the use of complex spreadsheets.
  • Personal assistance to your customers and potential clients.
  • Laboratory activity management, a click away.
  • Automatic Analysis Results Reports.
  • Intranet: Displays real time analysis results.
  • Manage your lab´s state and rates from everywhere.
  • Downloadable information that helps to take better and faster decisions.
  • Complete Traceability.
Available Softare Modules:
  • Automatic Report Generation.
  • Operational Management.
  • Results Analysis, Verification and Validation.
  • External Logistics
  • Contact Management
  • Intranet
  • Sell Management Module.


    An Intermediary exchanges goods between two parties. MediatorPro helps sell teams working together. When a sales manager publishes an Offer, and another has the Demand, they and their managers will be automatically notified to make the deal.
    Business Monitor
    Business orders management
    User Agents Sell and Billing Statistics
    Marketing - programmed SMS campaign


 UAV / Drones

Our UAVs can be customized to fulfil your needs.
  • Tested Open Source systems.
  • Arduino Robotic shields.
  • Intuitive Journeys programming using specialized mapping systems.


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